Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Name’s Cuddles. Bob Cuddles.


The Kids & I have been talking about getting a cat & were discussing possible names.

The Boy: “For names, I like Bob…. Kevin… and… Mr. Cuddles.”

I’ll Be Done With My Tantrum When They Fix My Cable


We’ve been having issues with our cable for almost a week & it’s still not fixed. When I got home tonight, I called the cable company again & ripped them a new one¬†calmly tried to resolve the problem.

The Boy, as I hung up the phone: “Are you done with your little tantrum, Diaper Baby?”

They Really Love Their Dad, Too


The Ex had a birthday recently so I took The Kids shopping for some birthday gifts. Coming across some sports watches, The Girl picked one up & eyed it.

Me: “That’s a nice watch but it’s kind of casual. Maybe we can look for one that’s a little more handsome.”

The Girl: “No… Handsome & Dad don’t really go together.”