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What Year is the Bagel Anniversary?


I’m in a bitter battle with The Ex over MoviePop – an online game where you have to guess what movie the clip is from. He’s really good at it. I’m… not.

The Boy walked past the computer as I was playing one day & saw his dad’s picture as my opponent. “You’re playing dad? And the category is ‘Romance’? Didn’t he get you like half a bagel for your anniversary one year? I think you got this one.”

Dear Readers: The Ex never actually got me half a bagel for our anniversary. I promise.

It was a whole bagel.

With cream cheese.

heart bagel  

MomDay Monday – The Customer is (Not) Always Right


I love this piece. Matt Walsh really gets it right. And I have to remember this each time I’m faced with a customer who makes me want to poke my eyes out. Wait… I mean poke THEIR eyes out.

Maybe You Get Bad Customer Service Because You’re a Bad Customer

(Because I still kind of suck at this, I can’t get the whole article here looking all pretty but trust me. Click on the link above.)

What this article doesn’t touch on is the the way these bad customers can make you feel. I’ve been working in retail long enough that I thought I was immune. I thought I could let it all roll off my back.

I was wrong.

Lately, the bad customers have been getting to me. Reeeeaalllly getting to me.

So I laughed reeeaalllly hard at this next piece. (Note: There is some bad language in here but it’s just too funny not to share.)

There. I feel better.

MomDay Monday – Honor the Fallen – Part II


The 1st Battalion 9th Marines, Dan’s unit (MomDay Monday – God Speed), has lost another brother.


Five months ago &  just a month after being deployed, the 1/9 had their first casualty (MomDay Monday – Honor the Fallen). This week, Lance Cpl. Caleb Erickson of Waseca, Minnesota was killed in Afghanistan during an attack by a suicide bomber. Like Dan, he graduated from high school in 2012. Like Dan, he was a starter for his school football team. And Like Dan, his family & friends say that he always wanted to be a Marine. But tonight his family mourns. Tonight the entire 1/9 family mourns.

Dawn Manzella, whose son Jason is a Marine with the 1/9, wrote this piece. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing it. It embodies what these young men, whose unit is dubbed “The Walking Dead”, do every day & what they will continue to do until they come home.

1/9 Walk On!

Words cannot express how heavy my heart is for all of you.
Walk On,
Continue your mission with your heads held high, with more conviction and determination than ever for your fallen brothers .
Walk on,
When you face adversity
Walk On
When your brothers are injured
Walk On
When a hero has fallen,
Walk On
Never forget your 1/9 family is walking behind you with support and love in our hearts as long as you need us.
Walk On
Untill you come home,
After you’ve been home,
You will never walk ALONE!♥
By Dawn Manzella

He Would Have Made a Terrible Hippy Anyway


The Kids & I love this song & we’ve pretty much nailed the hand claps.

The Boy: “Is this from the 80s?”

Me: “No but it sounds like it could be from the 70s.”

The Boy: “There was a 70s?!”