Monthly Archives: September 2012

Hold on Loosely


After a particularly rough day, I gave The Boy an extra long hug. After a moment, he commented: “Why are we still hugging?”

Me: “Because I love you.”

The Boy: “That’s sweet….. Can we let go now?”


Nobody Puts Droid in the Corner


Further proving my point that The Boy does not necessarily want to play with me but rather keeps me around to hold the action figures, I have now apparently failed at being “Hexagon,” evil nemesis to Dr. Chipmunk in The Boy’s latest game.

I was told I could be “Droid” who, it was explained, “sits in the corner & takes a nap.”

The Answer is “Apple”


During a game of “Guess What I’m Thinking” with The Boy…

Me: “I’m thinking of something red & yummy.”

The Boy: “Hot Sauce?”

Me: “No. It’s round & you can hold it in your hand.”

The Boy: “Hot Sauce!”

Me: “No. People like to make pies out of it.”

The Boy: “It’s not Hot Sauce?

The Boys Club


The Girl has been having a rough time getting used to her new school. It’s the first time she’s had to switch classrooms & teachers for different subjects. That & not really knowing anyone has been frustrating for her.

When we toured the school in the spring, there was another family with the same last name along for the tour. Their son is in The Girl’s homeroom this year. I asked her how he was doing getting adjusted to the new school.

The Girl: “He’s fine. He’s a boy. One fart joke or stupid noise & you’re in.”

MomDay Monday – When is a Couch Not Just a Couch?


I bought a new couch.

Not normally fodder for a blog post, but The Kids reaction to this new piece of furniture was not what I expected. I told the kids last week that I would be getting a new couch & getting rid of our old one – a yellow monstrosity that was actually quite comfortable in its hey day but has long since suffered the effects of kids & pets. Well, one pet. George. Our cat. Or rather our former cat having gone to that great big litter box in the sky a few years ago. They were upset because, as they said, our old couch “held so many memories of George.” “Of course it does,” I quipped back. “You can’t escape the claw marks everywhere. Sorry. It’s going.”

The Kids returned home today from their weekend with The Ex & were greeted by the yellow couch in its temporary home on the sidewalk in front of the house. The reaction was immediate. There was wailing & gnashing of teeth, much like an Italian funeral.

The Girl: “Why can’t you save this for dad for when he gets a place?”

The Boy: “You know that little table next to my bed. Get rid of that & put the couch there.”

The Girl: “Well, can we at least keep the cushions?”

The Boy: “I’m naming it Winter because it’s chilly out tonight.”

At first I thought they were being ridiculous. But as I thought about it, I realized that maybe this was really a reaction to ALL of the change in their lives in the past few years.

And they’ve had so much.

Their parents divorced & they had to get used to a schedule of when they were going to be at mom’s or at dad’s. They had to leave the private school they’ve attended since they were 3-years-old & start over in public schools where they know no one. I started working full-time, so they have to go to before & after school programs. And now, silly as it sounds, they have to give up the couch that, as The Boy says, “Has my butt imprint just perfect.”

To them it’s another loss.

Maybe I’m over thinking it. I mean, these two would keep everything from baby toys to old clothes if I let them and they’ve always been that way. I fully expect a far distant episode of A&E’s “Hoarders” to feature one of my children. But it just seems like they’ve been through so much recently, that it wouldn’t hurt me to be a little extra gentle on this one.

But it’s really hard not to laugh.