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He’s Clearly an Adele Fan


The Girl: “What kind of pickles are these?”

Me: “Dill.”

The Girl: “What’s a dill?”

The Boy: “She’s that singer who has no life so she writes songs about how lonely & horrible everything is.”

adele pickle

And He Looks Like Their Uncle Paul


The Kids & I have been watching the Winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia. During the opening ceremonies & throughout the games, whenever they’ve shown Russian President Vladimir Putin, The Girl has noted the stern look he always has on his face. “Seems like it will be a cold day in Hades when he smiles.” (Her Catholic upbringing makes her cringe at the word “hell.”)

During a piece on the Russian Figure Skating Team who won Gold, Putin was shown hugging one of the figure skaters & a brief smile crossed his face. In a quiet voice from the other end of the couch, I heard The Girl: “Hades better get a sweater.”

He does kind of look like their Uncle Paul.

He does kind of look like their Uncle Paul.

Good One, Nana


The Boy: “I can’t wait to have kids so you can say things to them like, ‘I remember when all this was farmland & a dollar cost a nickel.’ Then you’ll slap yourself on the knee, chuckle & say to yourself, ‘Good one, Nana.'”

For the record, this will be my “Nana” look:


Pharaoh Down!


Laser Khet is a game that involves moving mirrored pieces to direct your laser until it hits your opponent’s Pharaoh. As I was playing with The Boy, I realized he had caught onto my strategy so I was taking a moment to see if I could figure out what his next move was going to be.

Apparently I was taking too long.

The Boy: “Go on… Make your move. Nothing going on here. Typical Tuesday… maybe I’ll get a cookie… perhaps a taco…. Go on.”

I lost.

laser khet

Should I Save for College or Bail?


Parent/Teacher Conference Day: That day when you decide if your money should go into a college fund or a legal defense fund.

First, there’s The Girl’s Social Studies teacher:

Mr. Cronin

All the moms sign up for this conference.

Me? I’m partial to The Girl’s English/Language Arts teacher.

Mr. Lewis

Of course, I can forget any chance of that happening after The Boy looked at him & said: “Hey… I’ll be here in three years. You might want to up the security.”