Monthly Archives: March 2015

Don’t Be That Kid


Me, to The Boy: “If you want to keep your hair long, you have to keep it clean. Don’t be the Smelly Kid. You can be the Funny Kid, or the Geeky Kid, or the Smart Kid, or the Weird Kid. But don’t be the Smelly Kid.”

The Boy: “Can I be the Emotionally Awkward Kid?”

8 Feet Under


We’ve had quite a lot of snow where we are in the past six weeks. About 8 feet. Maybe more. We’ve stopped counting. It’s actually snowing as I write this but at this point the storms are like my love life. Anything that shows up with less than 6 inches really isn’t worth the effort.

My driveway currently has walls of snow on both sides. Literally, walls. When all you can see is white, backing in can be a challenge & can take a few tries.

It doesn’t help that The Girl has taken to singing the Benny Hill theme song whenever I do.

Dear Reader: This is not actually me. Just wanted to make that clear.