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MomDay Monday – Son of a Beach


I love the beach. It’s the best place on earth.

Not a lake or a river. Those are great… But the ocean… that’s where my soul rests.

Something about the vastness of it – it makes my problems seem insignificant. The way it bends over the horizon, falling off the earth, washing away every bad thing in my life. That’s probably why I have to go in the water whenever I go. It’s like a cleansing. I can count on one hand the times I haven’t gone in. Mostly days in the fall or winter when I just went to take a walk (I’m not entirely crazy). But even then, I’ll at least touch the water… just to see.

I have sat by the ocean with all of my loved ones, past & present. You can tell a lot about a person by how they react to the beach.  Some people, like me, love it & can sit there all day, barely noticing the passing of the hours until sunset is upon them. Some just can’t sit – they get antsy & have to “go do something.”

The Ex is a “go do something” person. Our beach styles were completely different. Why we took a week’s vacation to the beach every year is beyond me. I mean, it involved family so that’s really why, but still. I think if you are with someone whose beach style is opposite of yours, trips to the beach should be a solitary excursion. That way, “Mr. Go Do Something” isn’t sitting there wondering when “Miss Lay on Her Towel with her iPod” is going to wake up & want to leave.

And there you have it… the point of this post (I honestly wasn’t sure where it was going before now). Find out the beach style of the person you’re with. I’m not saying Mr. Go Do Something can never be with Miss Lay on Her Towel. I’m saying that if that’s the case, Miss Towel should probably go to the beach on her own.

Of course, with my track record, you should take any & all relationship advice from me with a grain of salt.

Or a grain of sand, if you will.



Next Time, Just Buy the Cookies


The Boy: “One time… I was home with just dad… probably because you & mom were at girl scouts… and a house down the street burned down.”

The Girl: “Duh… a house did not burn down because Mom & I were at girl scouts.”

gs cookies