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It’s All About the Pegasus Now & Other Teenage Rants


The Girl turns 13 today at 11:29 pm. According to her, to commemorate the exact moment when she becomes a teenager, she will burst into my bedroom shouting: “OMG! I’m a teenager! Clothes & nail polish & boys & acne & where’s my phone & take me to the mall so I can meet my friends & unicorns are sooooo preteen… it’s all about the pegasus now! YOLO!!”

It’s going to be a long seven years. Happy Birthday, Lou!

Happy Birthday, Lou!


The Boys Club


The Girl has been having a rough time getting used to her new school. It’s the first time she’s had to switch classrooms & teachers for different subjects. That & not really knowing anyone has been frustrating for her.

When we toured the school in the spring, there was another family with the same last name along for the tour. Their son is in The Girl’s homeroom this year. I asked her how he was doing getting adjusted to the new school.

The Girl: “He’s fine. He’s a boy. One fart joke or stupid noise & you’re in.”