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They Really Love Their Dad, Too


The Ex had a birthday recently so I took The Kids shopping for some birthday gifts. Coming across some sports watches, The Girl picked one up & eyed it.

Me: “That’s a nice watch but it’s kind of casual. Maybe we can look for one that’s a little more handsome.”

The Girl: “No… Handsome & Dad don’t really go together.”

Will the Real Fat Man Please Stand Up.


The Boy, after standing at our town Santa Parade, waiting to see the final float that Santa rides on: “C’mon! Where is the fat man? I want to see the fat man!”

The Girl: “Mom said Dad wasn’t coming.”

Not the Mommy


The Boy, after I finished talking to a friend at school pick-up & got into the car: “Why do you always have to jibber-jabber wherever we go?”

Me: “It’s a Mom thing. You’ll understand when you’re a Mom.”

The Boy: “What?! I’m not going to be a Mom. I’ll be a Dad.”

The Girl: “Then you’ll just stand around & drink beer with other men.”