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Sorry, Jennifer


The Kids have a video game where they can play with other people online.

The Girl, calling out instructions to her brother during a battle with several strangers: “You get Jennifer. I’ll get the other guy.”

The Boy: “That works. There’s a Jennifer in my class & I don’t really like her. This is a perfect time to get my revenge.”

What’s My Age Again?


The Girl, annoyed with her brother after he asked her about a video game: “Please, Sam. I’ve been playing that game since I was 8. And I’ve been 8 since 2007.”

She was 6 in 2007. Math was never her forte.

In Other News…


This is how The Boy warns his video game enemies that he’s coming for them:

“In today’s ‘News for Villains’… Be on the lookout for a blue robotic dragon. He is considered dangerous & you are asked to call 911 if see him.”

He’s still working on his trash talking skills.