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Yeah, It Does


The Boy, in the car: “Can we go to McDonald’s?”

Me: “I don’t have any money with me, Bud.”

The Boy: “I have $20 in my jacket.”

Me, after he hands me the $20: “This feels brand new. Did you just print this?”

The Boy: “No! What do you think I would be illegal & just print up my own batch of $20 bills so I would have tons of money for Legos & an Xbox…. actually… that does kind of sound like me.”


Crazy Cat Man


The Boy: “I’ll be the crazy cat man when I grow up.”

Me: “Why?”

The Boy: “Because, first of all… look at this face. And think about 40 years later with no exercise playing x-box everyday, do you really think this is going to attract a woman?”