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Save 5% for Home


The Girl has chosen Health Occupations as her concentration for technical high school. That means she will graduate from high school as a Certified Nursing Assistant & can start working or go on to further her education in healthcare. (Take that, regular high schools!)

As she finishes up her freshman year, they’re learning the basics of being a CNA…. taking a pulse, checking for respiratory distress, & the all important making a bed. Hey… someone’s gotta do it.

She got a 95% on her bed making evaluation.

I guess she saves the other 5% for home.



There’s Always the GED


The Girl has been worried about where she’ll go to high school since our community has several schools that are options to the local high school. Even though she still has almost two years before she’s a freshman, we went to an open house at the local technical high school so she could get an idea of what it was all about. Most of the kids at the open house were in eighth grade.

Eighth grader in our tour group: “You’re in seventh grade? How is it you’re going to high school?”

The Boy: “Seriously. We’re surprised she made it this far.”