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But I Don’t Wanna be Franken-Robot.


As I was playing with The Boy recently, I got to be “Franken-Robot” in whatever bizarre world he was creating.

Me: “So… what does Franken-Robot do?”

The Boy: “He sits in the corner because he’s plugged in & being recharged.”

I’m starting to think he doesn’t want me to play.


Annie… Just Leave Your Gun Over There


The Kids & I went to see their cousin perform in a musical. (Great job, Timberlane Players!) My sister & I spent several minutes at the beginning of the show pointing to their cousin, Howie, and asking if they could see where he was. Both kids assured us they saw him.

Halfway through the second act, The Boy exclaimed: “Hey! Howie’s in this show!”

This was shortly after he decided musicals just weren’t his thing when he leaned over to me at the start of a song & whispered, “She’s gonna sing again? I hate my life.”