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It’s All About the Pegasus Now & Other Teenage Rants


The Girl turns 13 today at 11:29 pm. According to her, to commemorate the exact moment when she becomes a teenager, she will burst into my bedroom shouting: “OMG! I’m a teenager! Clothes & nail polish & boys & acne & where’s my phone & take me to the mall so I can meet my friends & unicorns are sooooo preteen… it’s all about the pegasus now! YOLO!!”

It’s going to be a long seven years. Happy Birthday, Lou!

Happy Birthday, Lou!




The Big Man’s about to go down; The Girl is on to the Santa ruse: “It has to be you & dad. You read the list & everything you say ‘no’ to, we don’t get.”

Me: “Maybe we call Santa & go over the list with him.”

The Girl: “Right. Like Santa has a phone.”