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Saying Sorry for the First Time


Today was The Boy’s First Reconciliation. If you were born before 1998, you know it as Confession. I guess the Catholic Church figures that “confessing” is intimidating. “Reconciling” with God is much gentler. I think┬áit’s intimidating either way.

He was not at all nervous, unlike The Girl who walked in to her First Reconciliation with a list so she wouldn’t forget anything. She’s the only kid I’ve ever seen go in with notes. I remember my friend telling me about her nephew when he went. He seemed to be taking an extra long time to finish his penance, or the prayers the priest gives you to say after your confession. His mom finally approached him to see what the problem was. He whispered, “He told me to say three Hail Mary’s. But I only know ONE.”

I was also┬áreminded of where The Kids get a lot of their humor. Everyone was invited to go to Confession today, not just the kids. Upon seeing the parents & brother of one of the kids head to the confessional, The Ex said, “That whole family is going.”

Me: “Clearly they’re better than us.”

The Ex: “No they’re not. THEY have to go to Confession.”

I’m sure the Religious Ed director didn’t appreciate the guffaws coming from our pew.