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Sweetie Buns


The Boy: “Please, please, please let me stay home from school tomorrow. PLEASE!!!”

Me: “No. Why on earth would you stay home?”

The Boy: “You don’t understand how bad it is there. This girl in my class chases me all over the playground trying to hug me.”

Me: “Can’t you tell her you just want to be friends?”

The Boy: “Mom…. She has a nickname for me. She calls me Sweetie Buns. If I tell her I only want to be friends (picks up heart-shaped pillow & tries to tear it in two)…. well, you get the picture.”

Me: “Is she that horrible?”

The Boy: “Whenever I make a joke or say something funny, she pretends like she’s going to slap me upside the head. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t appreciate my humorous side.”