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To Sleep, Perchance to Time Travel


The Boy: “Sleep is just a time warp between bedtime & breakfast.”


The Not-So-Friendly Skies


We went to Arizona for Thanksgiving to visit KK. At the Phoenix airport waiting for our flight home, The Boy observed: “What kind of airport has carpet with pictures of planes flying over hurricanes? Way to go, Phoenix.”

Phoenix Airport Carpet

Glad he didn’t notice that it looks like they’re going to crash, too.

That Was Deep


Me, as this song comes on the radio: “I used to think this song was so sweet, but it’s actually kind of sad.”

The Girl: “Mom… In happiness, we hear the music. In sadness, we listen to the lyrics.”


I Should Stop Watching the Presidential Debates


The Boy: “I’m not having kids when I get older.”

The Boy’s buddy, Tyler: “Why not? Don’t you want to add another useful person to the world?

The Boy: “Not everyone who’s born is useful. Look at Obama.”

Laundry Day


Me, emptying The Boy’s laundry basket: “Why are there so many clothes in here? I just emptied this two days ago.”

The Boy: “I like to change my clothes when I get home from school.”

Me: “So you take off sweatpants & a t-shirt & put on sweatpants & a t-shirt?”

The Boy: “Yeah. I don’t want to smell like chalk & despair & crushed dreams.”

Slugs Like Water, Too


The Girl smacked her head into the concrete wall of the pool at swim practice. Hard. It’s what happens when you get distracted & don’t count your strokes. Concerned she might have a concussion, her coach told me to keep an eye on her.

Me, looking up symptoms of a concussion while The Boy lingers nearby: “Let’s see… Headache? No. Dizziness? A little. Sluggishness….?”

The Boy, eyeing his sister lounging in her big comfy chair: “How could we tell?”

Even at a meet, she's glued to her phone.

Even at a meet, she’s glued to her phone.