How Many Birthdays Does One Family Need?


Today is The Boy’s birthday. Yes, The Girl’s was just three days ago. And The Ex’s birthday is in April. Do the math. I’ll give you a minute….

That’s right. Once every three years, whether or not he wanted it.

The Joan brought cake yesterday when she came by with gifts for both of The Kids & there was some left. The Boy asked if he could have a piece for breakfast. I think Bill Cosby put it best:

“The child wanted chocolate cake for breakfast! How ridiculous! … And someone in my brain looked under chocolate cake and saw the ingredients: eggs! Eggs are in chocolate cake! And milk! Oh goody! And wheat! That’s nutrition! …

Only the cake we had was vanilla. Close enough.

The Boy looked lovingly at the piece of cake I handed him & said: “You taste like a vanilla demon of deliciousness.”

Another birthday off to a great start.


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  1. Funny, 1/13 is my son’d bd too; and he was just as funny as your “boy” at that age. he turned 18 this year. time flies. hold on to the precious; it changes to a different shade. but nothing’s as sweet as lil-boy- precious.

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