For Villains Only


Mumford & Sons: “I really *beeped* it up this time… didn’t I my dear?”

The Girl: “Does he say a bad word there? What does he say?

Me: “You don’t need to know.”

The Girl: “What word is it?”

Me: “Nothing I’m going to tell you.”

The Boy: “It’s so bad I bet it’s on the list of words only villains can use.”

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  1. Haha…I love Mumford & Sons but I always have to remind myself to skip that song when the kiddos are in the car. If I forget I try to yell some other word really loud over the F word, like Fudged or Freckled. Too funny! I love these, quick, easy, to the hilarious point!

    • Thankfully the radio bleeps it out, but The Kids are too savvy. They know there’s something there they’re not supposed to hear. And “quick, easy, to the hilarious point” is a good description of my two. Thanks!

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