Eeny Meeny Miny Moe


Me: “Do you want the yellow toothbrush or the green one?”

The Boy: “Eeny meeny miny moe. Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers let him go. Out goes Y, O …”

Me: “So the yellow one?”

The Boy: “…my mother picks the very best, red, white & blue…”

Me: “The green, then…”

The Boy: “… with ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions…

Me, handing him the toothbrush & walking away: “You get the yellow.”


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    • It is frustrating at times. Especially right now with the divorce – there’s no back up for me to say, “Take them… they’re making me nuts.” So I give myself a time out. Of course I fell asleep during the last time out I gave myself. The rule is one minute of time out for every year, right? I had a good nap!

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