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There’s No Escape


I nodded off on the couch after dinner. Don’t judge. It’s been a long week already & it’s only Tuesday. I felt someone climb onto the couch with me & opened my eyes to see The Boy’s face mere inches from mine.

He looked at me without blinking & declared:

“I. Am. Everywhere.”

before rolling off the couch & scurrying away.




What’s the In-Flight Movie? “You’ve Got Mail?”


The Boy is waiting for a package from England. Not very patiently, I might add…

The Boy, the instant I walk into the extended day program at school to pick them up: “Did my package get here yet?”

Me: “No buddy. It’s coming from England. It’s going to take a while.”

The Boy: “It just has to get on a plane & it can be here in a few hours.”

Me: “It’s a package. It can’t just get on a regular plane like we would take.”

The Boy: “That would be cool if it could… Little box sitting in the seat….”

The Girl, doing her best flight attendant impersonation: “Can I get you some packing peanuts?”

What’s Your Name?


I’m going to say it again, Kids. The name of the Russian spy in the Indiana Jones movie & subsequent Lego video game is “Irina,” not “Uranus.” Thus, when you’re playing the game, the  phrase, “Give me the whip, I want to whip Uranus” is not appropriate.


My friend Bill’s blog about the things his kid say… which explains why these kids are friends of The Boy & The Girl. (And The Boy tries that thing with the toothbrush too. Eventually they’ll catch on.)


The children continue to let their guard down and say the most interesting things, apparently unaware — despite this being one of several installments in a series — that I’m lurking nearby, writing it all down.

Mood music:

“All this time I thought you wrote that song,” Sean, after hearing John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy” on the radio. I frequently call both kids beautiful boy, much to their chagrin.

“John Lennon was shot to death by a fan? What kind of moron does that?” Duncan, after I told him about the former Beatle’s sad end.

“Are you called that because you pick corn in the winter?” Duncan, asking his pediatrician, Dr. Winterkorn, about her name.

“I’d rather dress up in red, like Darth Maul.” Sean, on why he doesn’t want to wear green to school for St. Patrick’s day. 

Duncan: “Why do they call it a ballroom? I don’t see any…

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