The Time for Talk is Over


The Kids’ school has banned fighting. Not regular fighting. They banned that long ago. Although sometimes it’s hard to tell by the way some of the parents act. No, the school has banned “pretend fighting.”

Go ahead. Read that again. I’ll give you a minute.

Pretend fighting.

So The Boy & his friends are not allowed to pretend to be Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader. Or Harry Potter & Voldemort (yes… I said the name). Or the current obsession among the Second Grade crowd of boys: Lego Ninjago, where the Ninja fight Lord Garmadon. I’m assuming even Bert & Ernie are off-limits because, let’s face it… those two quarreled like an old married couple.

The Boy is not pleased & told me, full of righteous indignation: “Mom – this is so STUPID. The Ninja FIGHT Lord Garmadon. They don’t *air quotes* ‘TALK things out & try to work as a team’.”

Agreed, little man.


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  1. I wonder what was the motivation for this decision? Poor kids. LOL, you’re son’s argument should be written on a large picket sign in front of the school 🙂

  2. I guess a couple of kids got out of hand. So a typical punishment would be…. to punish the kids who got out of hand? Am I alone on this? It’s like finding a squished grape in the bag & throwing out the entire 2 pounds of grapes.

    • Ha! The Girl read it & I’m planning on taking her to see it as soon as I’m done with the book. I refuse to take The Boy. For him it would just be a source of ideas.

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