Dillweed – Part II


What I’ve always wanted to say to The Kids when they come up with a word that I know they heard from me but know they shouldn’t be saying.

It reminds me of a friend whose daughter got a lot of pollen on her sweatshirt at the park one afternoon. After unsuccessfully trying to brush the yellow sticky stuff off, my friend said, “Doesn’t look like that’s coming off.” Her 3-year-old daughter replied, “Fucking flowers.”

Now before you barrage me with how awful it is that a 3-year-old would know that word, lighten up. Kids pick up words all the time, even when we think they’re not listening. I swore The Boy was asleep in the back of the car one day when he was about 3 & flipped someone off. He later did it to his sister. Inappropriate? Definitely. Fucking funny? Absolutely.


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  1. When my eldest was 4, I was nagging her to do something and she got all pissed off, turned around, and muttered “Fuck you, asshole” under her breath as she walked away. I had to duck into another room and shut the door so she wouldn’t hear me dying of laughter. It was funny — and a dead on PERFECT imitation of my general passive-aggressive venting when I get into it with her dad. She never did it again — but it still cracks me up thinking about it.

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