MomDay Monday – Cupid Schmupid


So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. That one day a year when you are supposed to tell the person you love that you do, in fact, love them. The other 364, let them guess.

If you can’t tell from the opening line, I started out writing this post with every intention of bashing Valentine’s as just another Hallmark Holiday – a useless expenditure of money & time on something that you should be doing year round. But you know what? I like Valentine’s Day.

Newly divorced & freshly dumped, I expected to be bitter about it. But I like it. I like how everything is heart-shaped (especially Reese’s Peanut Butter Hearts). I like making heart-shaped cupcakes & frosting them in pink icing with teeny heart candies on top. I like knowing that grumpy old couples get a spark of romance in the dead of winter. I like the cute basket with “Love” embroidered on the lining in pretty cursive that I filled with those same heart-shaped cupcakes & brought to my mom’s for her & my step-dad. I like the teeny tiny fondue pot I got for me & The Kids to use after dinner. (I’m fully expecting a burn incident with molten chocolate. Cooking-type things are not my strong point. I’ll keep you posted.)

But most of all – I like that love endures. I’m coming through a bout of dark days – days when I hated everyone & everything that had anything to do with love or romance… days when I wasn’t sure if the hurt would end…  days when I didn’t want to go near the Valentine’s section at work. But something is waking up in me. Something has been dawning on me in this bleakest month of the year. We need Valentine’s day. We need the red & pink loveliness & stuffed bears holding hearts. We need them to remind us that Love Endures.

Throughout the ages, love endures.

We will all face times when we crank up the J. Geils (for those of you under 35, see below. Adam Sandler didn’t invent that song just for The Wedding Singer, you know.), but if you stop & think about it, love is all around us. Even if we’re not in a facebook official relationship or don’t have any romance in our lives…. it’s still there & it still needs to be celebrated. It’s the love of your kids that makes suffering third degree burns from a fondue pot all worth it. It’s the love of your dad who always sends you chocolate covered strawberries (Right, Dad?… Dad?… Is this thing on?). It’s the love of your best friend or your sister or even just the love of your dog (No, I haven’t caved & bought them a dog). But it’s there… the best 4-letter word out there. And believe me, I know a lot of them.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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