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MomDay Monday – Playground for Grownups


Every day, grown men & women go to Facebook to play. Sometimes they vent. Sometimes they chat with friends. Sometimes we have to hear all about their latest ailment or that they just had a tuna sandwich. While the level of detail may be more than we would get on an actual playground, the basic concept is the same.


– The Friend Request – When The Girl was little, she would run up to every new kid that arrived at the playground and promptly introduce herself. Usually she would say, “Hi. My name’s Grace. This is my friend, Mommy. Welcome to the playground.” But after that she would always say, “Wanna be my friend?” Same goes for Facebook. And just like the playground, the other person can either accept you or ignore you.

– The Games – At the playground, it’s Tag, Catch, or in the park near us, “Dodge the Goose Poop.” On Facebook it’s Scrabble, Words with Friends or Fish/Farm/City/Whoville. But it’s still just games & some people still get too worked up about the outcome. (In the spirit of full disclosure, the author admits to a persistent Scrabble addiction. I’m in rehab & am down to 2 games.)

– The Poke – Just like pulling someone’s pigtails. And just as stupid.

– The Delete – The Facebook equivalent of “I’m taking my ball & going home.” Or, staying more in line with what The Kids would say, “I don’t want to see your big fat face anymore!”

Lighten up, people. It’s just Facebook.


Catholic School Pays Off

Catholic School Pays Off

There are activity sheets at our church for the kids to do during Mass. The Boy usually grabs one then spends most of the time drawing over the pictures or coloring on the sides. Today’s sheet had one of those “One of These Things is Not Like the Others”. There were about six Baby Jesuses (Jesi?) lined up & The Boy was supposed to simply circle the one that wasn’t like the others. But “simply” isn’t a word The Boy knows. Here are my two favorites:

Why So Serious?


The Boy recently attended a Boy Scout Pack meeting that featured a presentation by a meteorologist from a local new station.

Me: “How did you like the weatherman?”

The Boy: “It was a little scary. All he talked about was tornadoes, hurricanes & earthquakes.”

Me: “Well… yeah. That’s the cool stuff!”

The Boy: “Well, he could have talked a bit about a nice, sunny day & not so much about putting us all in peril.”

MomDay Monday – Advice from Retail Land


I know it’s pretty much Tuesday, but this one took me a while, what with the job & the kids. The retail job. At Christmas. 

So in the spirit of the busiest shopping season of the year, here is a little advice – some small nuggets of wisdom – that may enhance your shopping experience.   

#1. Know what you’re looking for. Shocker: We are not actually required to memorize every item in the store. So if you ask for “That thing that goes around & has a dog on it… you know… the THING. It’s on TV.” … we probably can’t help you. 

#2. Actually come into the store. We would love to see your smiling face (note: smiling – see #10 below). We will generally help a customer who is actually in the store before we answer a  phone call. And if you do call, well… see #1.

#3. Just because it’s on the website does not mean we have it in the store. A website can actually offer a lot more merchandise than can be contained in one building. There is a feature on most store websites that allow you to find out if the particular item you’re interested in is, in fact, in the store. Find it. Use it. Love it.

#4. Don’t open the packages. I’m sorry if you have never seen a real hair dryer, but I assure you, the picture on the box is an accurate representation.

#5. We don’t know how big your child/spouse/grandmother is. Therefore we don’t know if those pajamas/pants/orthopedic shoes will fit.

#6. We don’t care if you take your business to the store down the street. In fact, if you’ve been rude enough, we’ll suggest it.

#7. We don’t know which curtains will look better in your bathroom. See #5.

#8. Just because you bought it here 3 years ago, does not mean we still carry it. ‘Nuff said.

#9. Keep an eye on your kids. Yes. We mean you. Junior is not always the little angel you’d like him to be & he can turn the toy department into a mini-replica of Hiroshima in .06 seconds (too soon?).

And finally…

#10. Be Nice. You may or may not be surprised at how often we get yelled at. I understand that it can be frustrating to not get the one thing you were looking for, but honestly, we can’t control when our inventory comes in. And is that wicker trash barrel really worth your serenity?

What’s a Liebster?


I recently received a comment on this blog from the lovely & talented mzklever of telling me that she nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award. Huh? Is this like “Who’s Who of American Women in Blogs” where you pay $100 & get a certificate & a giant book that lists your name in itty bitty letters on page 358?

Nope. It’s meant for blogs with less than 200 followers that a fellow blogger feels deserves more attention. And mzk felt I deserved more attention. That was very sweet.

As part of this award I have to nominate & link to 5 more blogs with less than 200 followers that I feel deserve more attention. So here they are: – This is a great resource for women, or anyone, wanting information & inspiration on enjoying & surviving any outdoor adventure. The Girl loves science, with bugs being a particular favorite a few years ago. In second grade, the mom of one of The Girl’s classmates said, “She’s the most popular girl with all the boys.” My heart froze for a moment, then The Girl ran over with a handful of dirt & worms & it all made sense. I want her to always have that love for nature & science. – There was a time in my life where everything I owned fit into the back of my car. I loved that time. Sometimes I look around at all I have & miss that ability to think to myself, “Eh. I’ll just put it all in the car & move on.” Mike is living my dream. But with an RV & not an ’88 Mustang which was probably the coolest car I’ve ever owned. – This is the mom I strive to be. She clearly loves her kids while acknowledging that sometimes, you just don’t like them all that much. And sometimes it’s okay to be a good-enough parent. Irreverent & funny, I laughed out loud – Read the post, “You FAIL, Mom!” – Ok, I admit I have a bias about this one. The blog is The OCD Diaries & Bill Brenner is a friend but that doesn’t make this blog any less worthy. Bill talks about his struggles with addiction, depression & OCD in a straightforward, unflinching way that, as he says, “kick fear, anxiety, depression & addiction in the teeth.” – Laugh out loud funny. Like my own blog, these are short snippets of some of the amazingly funny things kids say only these are from the classroom, lunchroom & playground.

So there you go!