We’re Still Not Funny. But Our Friends Are.


It’s Day 2 of the stomach bug siege in our household. There is some light at the end of the toilet tunnel, however. The Girl actually went to school today. For a 1/2 hour. Then I had to go get her. So we’re still not funny. Except when the first thing The Boy does upon waking up is to look at his sister & say, “Remember yesterday when you threw up hot chocolate out of your nose? I think I’m off hot chocolate for a while.” We all nod in agreement.

So today, I’m having my first ever guest appearance. I’ve known Shannon for 4 years. She is my friend, The Girl’s Girl Scout Troop leader, a nurse & mom extraordinaire. She also does not let me enter her house without having some type of gluten-free goodie for me. Shannon has 3 kids. Her two oldest are girls – Angelina is 10 & Abigale is 7. And Owen, her boy… well, he’s 3, going on 40 (He’s a story all on his own!). They are three of the funniest kids I know.

Abigale: “Angelina, I hope someone pees in your mouth!”

Angelina: “Hey, Abby. You got your hobbies. I got mine.”



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